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Writing, Editing, and Translation

Restaurant Reviews for Metropolis Magazine (2017~):

Low & Slow (writer, photographer)
The Room & Ginza Music Bar (writer, Ginza Music Bar photographer)
Bistro & Sakaba TAKE (writer, photographer)
Kashiwa Bistro Ban Ban (writer, photographer)
Summer 2017 Tokyo Beer Garden Roundup (writer, photographer)
Rainbow Burritos: Doumo (writer, photographer)
Kobe Gyoza: Raku (writer, photographer)
Carthago (writer, photographer)
Mr. Farmer (writer, photographer)
Wine Shokudo Kirakuni (writer, photographer)

ビール女子ウエブマガジン(Beer Girl Web Magazine):
ビールがあればなんでもできる?! ビールで学ぶ英会話はいかが?(As long as there’s beer, anything’s possible, right? How about English conversation?) (instructor, interviewee, translator)

Academia (architecture):
Four Facets of Contemporary Japanese Architecture (four-part edX online course), preparations of subtitled interviews (translation assistance, subtitle proofreader and editor, 2016-)
Introduction to T_ADS, translation of introduction to laboratory by Kengo Kuma (translator, 2016)
Introduction to the T_ADS Laboratory (writer, 2016)
-Window Research Interview Series (5 interviews), collaboration between Advanced Design Studies at the University of Tokyo and YKK Window Research Institute (editing and proofreading assistant, 2015-2016) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Human Touch in Digital Fabrication, paper prepared for ACADIA conference (editing and text development assistance, 2016)
Arms Race, article detailing development of smart tool for use in STIK pavilion project (text development assistance for article by Yusuke Obuchi, translation assistance for review by Kengo Kuma)
Architecture-scale Human-assisted Additive Manufacturing, paper prepared for SIGGRAPH conference (editing and text development assistance, 2014)

Video YouTube Channel Host (640,000+ subscribers):
English in 3 Minutes (8 episodes, 2012)
Top Words (30 episodes, ongoing)
English Topics (20 episodes, ongoing)
Weekly Words (50 episodes)
American Holiday Words (14 episodes, ongoing) YouTube Channel Co-host (645,000+ subscribers):
Introduction to Japanese (5 episodes, 2016)
Introduction to Kanji (11 episodes, 2016, 10 episodes upcoming, 2017)

Pronunciation Series (5 episodes) and Introductory Series (5 episodes) Co-Host for:

基礎英語 (NHK)
土曜ドラマスペシャル「 負けて、勝つ ~戦後を創った男・吉田茂~ 」(NHK)

Arabic Top 25 questions (2012)
Japanese Lower Beginner Series (2013) Lessons (2013)
Japanese Counters for Beginners (video and audio, 2013)
Korean Counters for Beginners (video and audio, 2013) Lower Advanced Series (2013) Upper Beginner Series (2013)
Japanese Can Do Series (2014)
English Can-do Series (2014)
Japanese Can-do Culture Series (2015)

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