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On earthquakes

I’ve gotten some questions about the earthquakes recently here:

I am safe and fine. The big one that occurred on Sunday evening I didn’t even feel. I think I was either shopping in a department store or on the train home at the time, but either way, I didn’t feel a thing.  I didn’t even know an earthquake had taken place until the next day.  Apparently there was another one Monday morning at about 5:00 AM and yet another one about 5:30 PM. I didn’t feel anything.

Until this morning.  I had just snoozed my alarm at about 7:50 AM and I felt the building rumbling – I thought it was just the train going by.  But it kept going, and I realized the train doesn’t make my whole bed shake and the light from my ceiling swing.  It wasn’t a very big earthquake and I wasn’t afraid – if anything I was more happy that I finally got to experience it.

I thought about how awe-inspiring it is to think that the planet just…does that.  And we’re helpless against it.  We either make it, or we don’t.  It was very humbling to think that it was nature making this big city shake.  Tokyo is a huge, bustling metropolis where efficiency is key.  They do everything they can here to ensure that things run smoothly, that relationships run smoothly, that everyone is accommodated.  But the planet could put an end to that at any time.  Scary to think about, but also very humbling.

I weirdly really enjoyed those few seconds of earthquake this morning. I was lying warm in my bed and just feeling it happen – it was cool.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be saying that if it was huge and scary – maybe I’ll have that experience too.  But for the time being, I feel like I have renewed respect for the planet and have re-realized just how fragile we and our societies can be.

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