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Temple Message #3: Spring

Hello, readers! Long time no see! My computer died a sad death a couple months ago, and I’ve only recently picked up a replacement. I’m getting caught up with my backlog of info now.

Here’s the first thing I’ve been wanting to share with you guys: the third message my neighborhood temple posted this year. Although I’m reporting this to you all a little belatedly, I like to think the point is still clear.

The third message in 2012 from a temple in Shinjuku, Tokyo

The text reads “忘れまい・先祖も待ってる・春ひがん” (wasuremai / senzo mo matteru / haru higan). This message, like the message posted at the new year, is a haiku. It was posted right around March 20th, if you’d like a hint as to the meaning.

I’ve translated this as “One must not forget / Our ancestors too await / The spring equinox”.

As always, I’m totally open to other translations. I was a little liberal with this one.

Happy to be back online! I’m backlogged with fun stuff to share! Have a great day!

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