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About Alisha

An eight year Tokyo resident, I’m originally from the US (born in California, raised in Oregon). I received my bachelor’s degree in Japanese in the US (with secondary concentration in international business). I host an English language education YouTube channel (and a weekly live stream), write about food for Metropolis magazine, edit (with specialties in university documentation and architecture), and translate. I am also the co-founder of a Tokyo-based international potluck party. Please refer to the Works page for a full list of projects (completed and ongoing).

I’m interested in exploring how media can be used to connect across cultures. I believe cultural education and exposure to concepts beyond one’s own community are becoming increasingly essential. I believe in working with a very good sense of humor and a solid sense of purpose (a communicative team too). I aim to create opportunities for learning through exploration of everyday interests: food, drink, popular culture, music, art, etc.

If you want to know more (perhaps too much), please find me on Twitter